All in One Secretmaker


Secure yourself and your computer


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All-in-One SECRETMAKER is designed for people who want to:

If you want to keep your email inbox free of spam, avoid irritating pop-up and banner interruptions, be secured from Spyware and computer Hijacking, protect your privacy and avoid online profiling, All-in-One SecretMaker is the program you need.

Thanks to All-in-One SecretMaker, you wiill be able to use the Internet efficiently for private or business use.

It includes:

● Spam Fighter ● Worm Hunter ● Pop-Up Blocker ● Banner Blocker ● Intruder Blocker ● Security Watchdog ● Cookie Eraser ● Privacy Protector ● History Cleaners

From now on, you will control your PC and you will navigate safely.
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